What if ….

Dear Me

What if …. today you took a chance on you. Started believing in all the things that could go right instead of worrying about the things that could go wrong. Because you know what? You are a living proof bubble that anything is possible if you believe.

What if … you took a leap of faith. Remember how you and your husband took a leap of faith literally nearly 2 years ago and moved to Albury. Nothing has gone wrong has it ! Actually it has been the best thing you did for your family. But what is incredible is that those dreams you put out there, they really do come true. You manifested your dream home and got it. You asked to heal from the inside out and guess what, your soul is enriched with new health , happiness , friendships , adventures and new memories. That doesn’t just include you, that’s your whole family too.

What if …. instead of delving into other people’s negative crap and jealousy, you actually embraced that fluffy cloud of happiness. Go on .You’ve worked friggen hard for it and I think it’s time you invested in that T-shirt … what do ya reckon 😜”

What if …. you turned your can’t do this into, well, yes I can. You are a survivor of cancer , an RPM instructor NOW and you are writing your book with a publishing deal. Who would of thought .. kiss my butt cheeks non-believer club .

What if …. you turned I’m not smart enough around to yes you are. Look at what you’ve achieved already in your life apart from the obvious. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look friggen amazing and you’re one subject and 4 practical assessments away from being a Qualified Counsellor. Go you good thing. We won’t talk about the extra assignment and practical assessment we knew nothing about, lol 😜😂

What if … we just took a moment to breathe. Life,it does get really hectic, actually everyday is hectic. We do feel overwhelmed at times ,actually most days our cup is at overflowing but remember …..

” one thing at a time ” guess what, you know it’s not going anywhere if we don’t get it done. 😂

What if … we just took a moment to have some self care and just be in the moment ❤️ . Remember that feeling when we do. I know it’s few and far between but how nice is it. Oh how we love our cup of tea and our wine time , awwwwww.

What if … we weren’t so hard on ourself. Your best is enough , you’re doing a great job. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we need to have our own back. Or surround ourselves with people that do.

Ok , so all the what ifs , maybes and I can’t do that. Who is that ? Is that really the true you, or is that our good old friends Mr Fear, Mrs Self Doubt and our good old friend Mr Master Chief himself Worry.

What if …everyday to kick these guys to the kurb you wake up , show up and do your thing. Keep wearing your heart on your sleeve don’t change. Let’s work at that one not letting people turn our smile upside down. What do ya reakon !

What if … we embraced who we are: a strong , powerful , courageous women who is a survivor and a lover of life.

What if … we were ok with not everyone embracing this new and improved version of us. Because you know what odds are just like us they to are dealing with there What ifs !!! So let them deal with their what ifs and let them go like a balloon.

What if …. you embrace that dream board of yours again. You created that and there are a lot of new dreams on there and a lot that have been taken off too because you’re living proof that dreams really do come true.

What if … now for a moment you just looked up at that blue sky. You were meant to lay out here this afternoon and write this blog because just like you, someone needed the sunshine and needed this message. Blue, the healing colour of truth , opportunity and growth. Close your eyes and remember your path. Can you see it ,your career , aspirations, your book , your dreams especially that trip,remember Paris, it’s on your dream board. Don’t give up on that one !

What if … you just start to see what everyone else does. ” You are amazing , enough and so worth it ”

Love me xxx

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