Be Yourself 🦋

Have you ever struggled with this ?

I have and still do !

I want you to stop 🛑 and walk with me while we talk this out together 🦋

Number one have Appreciation for the person that you are today ! Who juggles life, the good, bad and the ugly. How do you do it? With grace, courage, determination and strength.

BE proud of you , even if you can’t see past the heavy cloud of darkness at times.

I’m here to remind you that your doing great.

Number two , reflect for a moment and acknowledge your story to date.

Number three , now look behind you, that’s called growth, change and purpose. You did that !!! Yes you did !

Number four , have gratitude for what you have achieved. The people you love, who loves you and the blessings you receive everyday. Where should I start, let’s start with YOU , you’re a blessing!!!

Number five, why do we waste time and energy worrying about being perfect, what people think and are we good enough! Always seeking validation from anyone that we are going ok, when really all we need is our own validation. Yes I am or No I’m not and that’s ok !

Number six, how often do we second guess ourself in a minute, hour, day, week, month or year. A lot right ! But I’m here to remind you, we are doing great.

Now that I have shared all that , how can we work at this and begin to ” be ourselves” and be proud.

Well we start by loving ourself !

Where do you start ?

Start saying No ! ❤️

Once a day start looking at yourself in the mirror and telling that gorgeous human looking back at you that YOU LOVE them !!! ❤️

Begin to write in a journal, share your feelings, thoughts and gratitudes on a daily basis. This is so healing for your soul.❤️

Create your dream board , sounds silly but when you can visually see your dreams, aspirations and goals in front of you each day. The universe will have your back and it will all start to come to fruition. Maybe not as quickly as you hope it too but it will happen.

” Why would we want to be handed everything on a silver plater as the saying goes ” without truly believing we are worthy of it ❤️

Next …

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and be yourself. The true authentic, beautiful, loving and inspiring person that you are. ❤️

Start to put yourself first ❤️

Surround yourself with like minded souls and embrace those that you have already in your life that love you no matter what. In the good times and in the bad. ❤️

Face your fears head on. Instead of running from them , choose to rise above them.❤️

Life’s too short to live with regret.❤️

Live for now and BELIEVE in yourself.❤️

I’m here to remind you that “You’re amazing.”❤️

I always say I’m a work in progress ! and so are you too.

Settling for second best and making everyone else happy.

You will begin to value your self worth, self love and your own happiness as number one.

What happens next is you do start to love yourself and begin to not care what people think of you. Let me just say there is a lot of stigma around loving yourself. The people that believe and share in this stigma are the ones that want to love themselves more than you. They can’t because they live in a world of fear and judgment. So let’s show them that they can too, let’s empower them ! To step out of the self hatred bubble.

The lesson today is that we can’t change the way people think and feel about us. What we can do is change how we react to this kind of behaviour. How by choosing YOU and rising up.

Imagine that !! What would that feel like … awesome ! Too right.

I worry about what people think and I still need to work on loving myself more everyday. Hand on heart you will never stop working on you, because we are not perfect, always growing and changing. Having an awareness that we have to work on us is the first step to greatness because it doesn’t just happen naturally.

My motto” I live one step and one day at a time”

Acceptance that ” Life will always have obstacles and roadblocks on my pathway, but that doesn’t mean I stop being me. That is what makes me who I am, so embrace it and I choose to be my true authentic self everyday .”

When you be yourself hand on heart your life will shift.

Never second guess yourself.

Love yourself graciously and the world will love you back

It is the Truth !

I’m living proof , my life has changed and changes everyday all because I love me !

Loving blessings from me 😘😘

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